Dreams of the Newly Awake

by Poppy Brothers



released May 15, 2015

Written, produced and performed by: James Tillman, Matthew Taylor
Artwork: Protski www.protski.com


all rights reserved



Poppy Brothers Winston Salem, North Carolina

American electro-pop duo Poppy Brothers features brothers James Tillman and Matthew Taylor.

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Track Name: I Fear Death
I fear death
When I look into the mirror
See the white patches of winter
and think of all the springs behind me

I fear death
Because I have so much to lose
I can't stand losing you
I won't know what to do

How I miss the valleys of my youth
How green my forest was
How ripe the fruits of love

Now those seeds are buried in the snow
So I'll set these woods on fire
and from the ashes, love will grow
Track Name: A Dangerous Game
I've got that Friday feeling, yeah
Like nothing's gonna stop me
Got you hooked and I'm reeling
The sky is my ceiling
Now you're salty like oceans
Parting you
The meek may inherit the bones of this place
But the meat is for people who take

Now you're playing a dangerous game
Maybe you should practice before you play
Now you're playing a dangerous game
Crawl before you walk
‘Cause I'm flying away

I've got that Friday feeling, yeah
Like champagne in a trophy
Checkered flag ‘cause I’m winning
Got the cars and the women
On my victory lap but my wheels are still spinning
Track Name: Young Hammers
Run to the top of the hill
Look at the stars
Who's gonna come down here
and mend your broken heart
Run to the end of the pier
Rain on the sea
Who's gonna wash ashore
and fly with broken wings
It's me

I am here
You are free
Now fly like birds
through the city
Spread the word
Young Hammers sing
I gave you hope
Now give me everything
You can't die

Loneliness, my favorite poison
The love of people
And the fear of being one
I must confess I am not a leader
not a holy man or a brilliant thinker
But I'll fight for you like no one else
I will sing for you with my dying breath
Track Name: Human Beings
I know it's not healthy
That's why I do it
If life is too short
Then who should care if I lose it
She had a look on her face
Like she was some kind of saint
She tried to pin wings on me
but it just wouldn't take
If the other side is red,why do we have to be blue?
If they need a martyr, why does it have to be you?

I know that there are ways we could have this everyday
If you wanted
We don't have to be heroes, you and me
We could just be human beings

Let’s stop fighting, go into hiding
and be human beings
I'm just using my head, it's not that I'm scared to lose it
If the man upstairs cares, I wish he'd come down and prove it
She had a look on her face
Like she was some kind of saint
She tried to pin wings on me
Track Name: Run
This is not a drill
These people are for real
And if you let them see you they won't hesitate to kill
My father wasn’t scared
My sister didn’t care
I know I only made it out alive ‘cause I was smart enough to...

Let this be a lesson
If you value life
You'll get more value from your sneakers than your knife
My mother wasn’t scared
My brother didn’t care
I know I only made it out alive ’cause I was smart enough to...

This is a toast to the people who run
The cowards who live when the heroes are gone
I'm really not bad as they make me out to be
But you were right about one thing
I won't hesitate to...
Track Name: It Won't Be Long
You should know I was fine
Before I met you
With that in your mind
I wouldn't care if they kept you
I was alone for a while
But now I realize
The only thing I've got in this world
are my own two eyes

Don't bother calling
I won't be home for a little while
I know what I'm doing
When death is next there ain't much worth stressing about

It won't be long

You should know I was fine before I met you
Did it cross your mind
I didn't need to be rescued
Some people are meant to fall in love
Some people are meant to fall apart
Darling you and I were born to run
Two stray bullets from the same gun
Track Name: Over My Dead Body
I'm not battling my demons
I'm just getting to know them
Where I'm going
I'll need all the help I can get
I'm not asking for forgiveness
I'm just setting the record straight
What they told you and they didn't
The parts they scarred and the parts they skipped

I’m sorry I called you
I just wanted to hear your voice
Your way or the highway
I guess I was always your second choice
And when this is over
They won't pin a medal on me
But you'll get through this
Over my dead body
Track Name: Pillow Talk
What a terrible time to fall in love
surrounded by death
If I can’t keep you safe from harm
Why should I risk my neck?

This isn’t for them
This is for you
You were the only thing
keeping me on the ground
I was only king as long as
You were my queen
This isn’t my dream but
I always loved our pillow talk

what a terrible time to be alone
on my side of the bed
Close my eyes and I'm at home
your arms around my neck
you always pulled the blankets off of me
I pulled the rug from under you
now I'm drowning in these sheets

I keep thinking I'll wake up
and see you getting dressed
I smell your perfume
but it's gone so fast
Track Name: World War III
You keep your head up and I’ll let you keep it
I'm looking for love but I don't really need it
I'm spotless, perfected, flawless, resurrected

You can live on one knee
or die on two feet
Stand before your king
Bow and kiss the ring

I rule and you worship

I'm having a party and you're not invited
I'm the big cheese, brought the rats out of hiding
I set all the traps and I wait for the snaps
And then we'll see how smart you are
Track Name: Blue Jay
Last night
I felt my heart stop
Our deep red love
faded to gray
Now I see so clearly in the light of day
Blue skies, blue jays
The birds are singing:

Ooh, save your breath
The sun's gonna rise if you're living or dead
So much is out of your hands
Just do the best that you can

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