Mark of the Beat

by Poppy Brothers

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2013's MARK OF THE BEAT is the first full-length release by the American electro-pop duo Poppy Brothers. The album features 13 tracks from the dance floor-worthy "Nights + Weekends" to the soulful "Time Machine".

contact: poppybrothersmail [at] gmail dot com


released May 28, 2013


all rights reserved



Poppy Brothers Winston Salem, North Carolina

American electro-pop duo Poppy Brothers features brothers James Tillman and Matthew Taylor.

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Track Name: Something Incredible
when you’re as lonely as we are everything’s personal
no one can stop you now you’ve got something incredible
when you open up your eyes you’ll see the shape of things to come
speak the new language it rolls right off the tongue

you’re a new man and you’ve got something incredible

when you’re as hungry as we are everything’s edible
no one can stop you now you’ve got something incredible
when you hear the tone speak as if you know the power that’s inside
something incredible
Track Name: Nights + Weekends
i’ve gotta get your number
you’ve got the mark of the beat
was it gravitation momentum carrying me
hi what’s your name
you’ve got me feeling like i’m on fire
moth to the flame
heart of glass break in case of liar

on nights and weekends
in love or just friends
tonight you ask “who are you”
but tomorrow you’ll be saying “i do”

i want to be in your plans
i want to speak freely but my lips are in quicksand
eyes like aquamarines
sterling silver tongue and i’m stuttering
hi what’s your name
i’ll work it out like long division
fanning the flame
getting hot like nuclear fission
Track Name: You + Me
i need to see the world before i get too old
i need to get with you before you’re somebody else’s girl

we could carry on as if we’ve known each other
forever though we just met
you could take me home and i could meet your mother
i’ll be your best friend
you and me are meant to be together forever i’m so happy
you and me are meant to be but in the meantime i’m so lonely

i’m not above begging for softness to get through these hard times
i need to be somebody’s star or i won’t make it through the night
tell me you love me don’t give up on me i know i’m mr. right
i won’t control you i just want to hold you tight
Track Name: One
i keep a secret from you every day
no one can know the things i want to say
i want to tell you about this feeling that is killing me
i try to hide it but you shine the brightest light on me

i’ll be your one

i see you keeping other boys at bay
they try to chase you but you get away
but you’re done running it’s no fun when you play games with fools
they’re just kids don’t fall for it because i’m falling for you
Track Name: Superflu
look to your left look to your right
all of you are going to die
in your sleep common cold global warming bird flu swine flu tainted vaccine tainted food superflu
look to your left look to your right
you’re lucky just to be alive
nowhere left to run
nowhere left to hide

i’m struggling trying to keep my spirits up
i try to rest but the worrying keeps me up
if i’m not rich how could i be happy
if i’m not happy why would anyone love me
is there going to be a future for me

the people in the news say “sell sell sell
the whole world’s going to hell
take your kids out of school
take your money from the bank
throw your guns in the air
we’re gonna show them what we think”
wait wait please stop the madness
no one’s life is perfect
but it can be good if we just work at it

i had a dream and you were there
i was walking on air up above it all
the sky started falling but you were there to break my fall
i woke in a sweat heart beating
i ran to the street just screaming
“this can’t be how it ends”
Track Name: End of the World
i was flying high with no landing gear
i was in too deep when the flood came
and the rain poured down on me
now i’m 25 and i’m still living like a child
i could run if i wanted to
but if you’re staying here i’m staying too
til the end of the world
Track Name: $$$
do you have what you need
(not at all not at all)
are you living the dream
(not at all not at all)
come away with me
(far far away)
and you’ll have it all
queen for a day

i wasn’t even trying when i fell in love with you
i wasn’t even crying when i broke your heart
no time for 2
you thought there were tears in my eyes
but i don’t shed tears
they were dollar signs
Track Name: Time Machine
she’s as fine as flour since she left me
my feelings haven’t changed but now my feelings don’t fit me
i try to see the bright side but sometimes a blessing in disguise
is just the curse that’s been keeping me up at night

so i make believe that you’re still with me
i close my eyes and get in the time machine
i rewind my life and watch you unpack
i’d sell my soul just to bring you back
but nobody’s buying so i make believe

she’s the sun in summer and sweet as cake
i’m cold dark and starved i’m lightyears away

i make believe
Track Name: Had You Known Me Better
i’ve been thinking about architecture
and the way we would look together
i could build us a house we could make it a home
if you let me in you’ll never go out alone

it’s been getting better since we’ve been apart
your salt in my wound has only seasoned my heart
you looked so sweet in your summer dress
i’m so bitter i just have to confess

had you known me better you would have loved me

it’s been getting better since my feelings were told
your smile lights lives like sunlight but my skyline’s turning gold
you looked so sweet in your summer dress
i’m so bitter i just have to confess

it’s been getting better the ocean rises to meet the sky
there’s plenty more fish in the sea for me but you’re like loch ness one of a kind
girl we’re getting older it’s better to live while we’re alive
won’t you walk on the water with me and turn these sour grapes into wine
Track Name: Prince Charming
tonight’s the night
you’re mine
you can save your kiss goodnight
you can kiss your heart goodbye
tonight you’ll make believe
that you’re my beauty queen
and i’m your prince charming

i’ll be your martyr
i would die for you
if blood is what you want
i’ll gladly give it to you
the saddest part is most of it is true
you held your breath for mr. right til you turned blue

i’ll be your starter
i’ll start a fire in you
i know where you should be
and i’ve got tickets for two
the saddest part is none of it is true
i never said i was the best but i’m the best you’ll do
Track Name: Hate Me
i’m not getting the pain i’m due
i said i was sorry and you said “i forgive you”

why don’t you hate me
of all the words i could have said
i found the one that broke your heart

feathers and wax and you were the sky
took you to the cliff and said you could fly
i held you close and i stuck the dagger in
i was a nightmare you were a dream
the best and the worst and nothing between
i plead guilty

you had my heart didn’t know it would shrink
took you to the coast and knew we would sink
i held you close and i stuck the dagger in
i was a dog and you were a queen
the best and the worst and nothing between
i plead guilty
Track Name: Harry Houdini
knock knock at your door
it’s the man who loved you before
you thought i was a goner for sure
now i’m back and i’m begging for more

but you don’t believe me
harry houdini i’ll just disappear
but i’ve got one last trick to show you that i’ll stick
so i drop to one knee

i need a volunteer
you see it’s just an ordinary ring
but it’s the one bond i can’t break
i’m giving you everything
Track Name: Meet Me on the Moon (Bonus Track)
i’ve been so misunderstood
you know how bad people love to tell you that you’re no good
i don’t want to change the world i don’t want to start a fight
i just want to take your hand and walk with you into the light

meet me on the moon
i’ll be waiting for you
it’s taken me so long to figure out where i belong

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